Tuition & Contacts



New Student: To register a new student, please submit a completed application and tuition agreement form, along with an application fee of $250 and a $1500 tuition deposit. The application fee includes registration assessment.  

Continuing Student: To register a continuing student, please submit a completed tuition agreement form, along with a registration fee of $150 and a $1500 tuition deposit. 

Tuition and Fees

2018-2019 Tuition & Fee Schedule 

Kindergarten                                   $13,750

Grade 1 – Grade 3                           $14,750

Grade 4 – Grade 5                           $14,850

* A $325 discount is taken off tuition fees if you pay by check, cash or ACHTuition fees include complimentary membership to Temple Beth Emet, book/consumable fees, and weekly curricular specials (chess, computers, coding, STEM, art appreciation, dance, music appreciation, Spanish, agronomy, swimming, sports & physical education).

Additional Fees:

  • Each family will be assessed a $750 building operations fee, and a $300 security services fee. The Security fee listed is tentative and may increase based on community needs.
  • A $250 activity fee will be assessed per student.
  • A technology fee of $250 is assessed for for every student in grades 2 through 5.
  • Each family is responsible for a commitment of $500 to the school.
  • Uniforms are required for grades K through 5 and must be purchased through the school only.
  • Overnight trips may require an additional fee.
  • Extended care is available until 6:00 PM for an annual fee of $1950.
  • Optional hot lunch program.

Requests for financial assistance will be addressed on a need basis and as funds are available.


If you have questions about Beth Emet Elementary School, please contact us at 954-680-1882.


Noemi Gozlan, BEES Director, Ext. 1107 •




Michal Medina, BEES Assistant Director, Ext. 1117 •




Nikki Marin, BEES Curriculum Coordinator, Ext. 1145




Shelley Nathan, BEES Admin. Asst.,                                                                                        Ext. 1103 •